When you list tickets on StubHub, you'll deliver them to the buyer the same way you got them from the primary. This is the original team, artist, venue, or ticket company.

  • In some cases, the only way to deliver tickets is by entering the barcodes
  • This means we're partnered with the team or venue, and you deliver tickets by entering the barcodes

If the type of ticket you have isn't an option when listing, it means you can't list that type of ticket for that event. 


When you list, tell us what type of tickets you have

Mobile transfer

  • These tickets are in an online account where you bought them (team or Ticketmaster for example)
  • If the tickets sell: We'll send you steps to transfer them to the buyer through the online account

Mobile tickets


  • These tickets use numeric or alphanumeric barcodes to validate
  • Deliver them to the buyer by entering the barcode on your tickets on the sale in your StubHub account
  • If you pre-deliver the tickets and they sell: You don't need to do anything since you already delivered the tickets

Paper (UPS) tickets

  • These are traditional tickets printed on laminated or hard stock paper, wristbands, or tickets printed at home
  • If they sell: Print the prepaid paid UPS shipping label in your Sales. Visit a UPS store to ship them rather than using a UPS drop-box.

PDF (Electronic) tickets

  • These are PDF files on your computer or phone and should be the original document you got when you bought your tickets
  • Have 1 file with all the tickets but only want to sell some of them? Choose which tickets to keep and which to sell while listing (we'll explain the steps).
  • If you upload the files when listing and the tickets sell: You don't need to do anything since you already delivered the tickets

Pickup tickets

  • These are hard tickets you'll deliver to our Last Minute Services (LMS) location
  • If you choose LMS delivery, the tickets won't be on site until LMS has them
  • Not all events offer Last Minute Services. Use the remote events calendar for details.
  • If the tickets are at LMS and they sell: The buyer will pick them up on event day. You don't need to do anything else.

You can also sell single-event, multi-day and multi-event tickets, season packages, parties (e.g., tailgate, pre-game, after-party), and parking passes on StubHub.